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IFI 3rd Consortium meeting

Tuesday, 25 January 2022

The meeting included three days of online meetings. The first day was hosted by MTA and focused on "Sustainable finance in the Israeli academy-industry ecosystem". Guest speakers were regulators and investors from the financial sector. The event was open to the public and more than 60 people attended the fascinating lectures.
The second day was hosted by KCE and focused on "Learning the language of finance" - thought provoking lectures about the connections between the local culture, education, upbringing and financial literacy.
The last day was the project private consortium and board meeting.


Link to video - Sustainable Finance in the Israeli Academy-Industry Ecosystem

Presentation - Conventions, emotions and morality - 2022

Nimrod Aloni - Ecohumanism pro life ethics

Impact Conference - Academic College of Tel AvivYaffo FINAL FOR RACHEL

IFI_3rd Consortium Meeting WP9 - Project Status Review

Creating the language of finance

SFI אקדמית

Academic College Sustainable Finance ZORA 25JAN22


27.1.2022 Consortium Meeting

26.1.2022 section3

26.1.2022 section2

26.1.2022 section2

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