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finance on mars - Bezalel Academy of Art and Design

In many ways, the Economy is a connecting tissue, critical to our collective lives. It is an overarching system that manipulates human behavior, resources, culture, and environmental conditions.

It is also why financial models must be dynamic and adaptable to changing needs and situations, constantly reevaluated, innovated, and perfected.

Design is an extremely instrumental force in planning for the future:
Conceptualizing, building, and testing “speculative-yet-feasible” futuristic scenarios is an established Design practice. Designers are trained to observe the world in a critical and empathic manner, apply creativity and imagination alongside practical structures, and generate innovative solutions.

As part of the IFI project, our team of designers and researchers has developed a unique set of tools to enable financial educators and practitioners to think speculatively about the future and innovate methodically through the application of design-based thinking.

Based on our practical experience and several pilot projects, we created a playbook for workshop instruction as well as a battery of canvases that can be utilized in a variety of scenarios for a wide spectrum of settings and audiences.

Finance on Mars

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