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Terms of Use

1. General

1.1 Upon entering the website of “IFI Project” (the “Website”), and prior to carrying out any action on the Website and/or using any service or information of any kind offered on the Website, you are requested to read, carefully, the terms and conditions detailed below (the “Terms of Use”).


1.2  The Terms of Use specify the relationship between the Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo, the owner of the Website (“MTA”), and any person/entity entering the Website and/or making use of the Website and/or the information offered and/or the services found and/or offered as part of the Website, of any kind or sort, whether they exist on the Website or can be obtained through it (the “User”).


1.3 MTA will be permitted to change, from time to time, the Terms of Use, according to applicable law and/or as per its sole discretion. The User will be responsible for keeping up to date, at any time, with any change and/or adjustment that MTA makes in the Terms of Use and the User hereby irrevocably waives any claim and will be prevented from raising any claim and/or demand in connection therewith. Such change and/or adjustment shall take effect from the date of their publication on the Website.


1.4  Without derogating from the above, MTA will be entitled to discontinue all or part of the activity on the Website, temporarily or permanently, at any time, for the purpose of making updates and/or upgrades and/or corrections and/or adjustments and/or as the result of interference, availability and functionality of the Website and/or malfunctions or failures of the internet or telephone network, of any kind and type whatsoever, and the User hereby irrevocably waives any claim, and shall be prevented from making any claim and/or suit and/or demand in connection therewith.


1.5 For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby clarified that in any case of contradiction and/or incompatibility of any kind or type, between the Terms of Use and the content detailed on the Website, the provisions specified in the Terms of Use shall prevail.


2. What is the IFI Project Website?

The Website provides you with a wealth of information on various topics related to IFI Project. This information includes:

General information about MAT and the IFI Project, information and services for partners, applicants and students, services for the academic and administrative staff, knowledge base, meeting and conferences, case studies, news, information related to the management and the European Commission, events, videos and more.

Use of the Website constitutes your agreement to the following topics, without you being explicitly required to consent to these Term of Use.


3.  Information and Images on the Website:

The information presented on this site is for convenience purposes only. In any case where the site is used for the purpose of registering for events or information relating to academic programs, the binding information shall be the information appearing in MTA’s regulations, procedures and official publications only.


The content contained on the Website is provided only for educational and informational purposes and reflects the views only of the author(s).

MTA attempts to ensure that content is accurate and obtained from reliable sources but does not represent it to be error-free and makes no statement, representation, warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of the information and content contained in this Website. MTA will not be liable for damages of any kind arising from the use of this Website, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental punitive and consequential damages.


MTA may change from time to time and as it sees fit the information, content and images on the Website. MTA does not guarantee that information you have found on the Website at any given time will continue to be published in the future.

4. Privacy:

MTA respects the privacy of users who access the Website and/or use the various services offered as part of it. For further information please refer to the Website’s Privacy Policy at:


MTA is interested in periodically sending you information about the IFI Project, as well as marketing and advertising information related to MTA or its services. Such information will be sent to you only if you have given explicit consent, and at any time you may withdraw your consent and cease receiving such information.


MTA uses information security systems and procedures on its Websites. While these systems and procedures reduce the risks of unauthorized access, they do not provide absolute safety. Therefore, MTA does not guarantee that its services will be completely immune from unauthorized access to the information stored within them.


6. Intellectual Property:

6.1 All intellectual property rights and titles, including but not limited to copyrights, trade secrets and other intellectual property rights in connection with the Website, including the content and deliverables, presented, submitted or found on the Website, are owned by either MTA, the respective academic partners cooperating in the IFI Project, the European Commission or other third parties, as applicable. The User, or anyone else, shall have no rights with respect to them whatsoever. 


6.2 You may not copy, distribute, make changes, broadcast, publicly display, reproduce, publish, issue a license, create derivative works from the information and data published on the Website and/or deliver to any third party any of the above, without obtaining the explicit written consent of MTA in advance. The name of MTA, the domain name of the Website and proprietary symbols (whether registered or not) of MTA are the exclusive property of MTA and/or anyone acting on its behalf and may not be used without its written consent, obtained in advance.


6.3 The User commits not to remove, conceal, disable and/or modify any notice and/or any marks relating to the intellectual property rights and/or to the MTA's rights, whether these notices and/or marks are attached, included and/or associated with them in any way.


6.4 The intellectual property rights of MTA apply, inter alia, to the graphic design of the Website, its databases, the computer code of the Website, content on the Website pages and any other details related to its operation. No data may be copied, reproduced, distributed, sold, marketed or translated from the Website, nor may any data published on the Website be used for the purpose of displaying such data on any other Website or service without the written permission of MTA in advance, and in accordance with that permission (if given). It is also prohibited to collect data from the Website by any technical means, or to disseminate such data in public.


6.5 The Website may not be displayed in a graphic design or interface other than those designed by MTA or as part of an iframe, subject to written consent by MTA, obtained in advance.


6.6 The name "MTA", the MTA's trademarks and the domain name of the Website (whether registered or not) are all the property of MTA only. They cannot be used without written permission, obtained in advance.


7. Restricting commercial use of the Website:

No commercial use may be made of the Website or the data published therein.


8. Changes to the Site:

MTA may change, from time to time, the structure of the Website, the appearance, scope and availability of the services offered therein, the links found therein and any other aspect connected with the Website and its operation - all without any advance notice. Such changes will be made, inter alia, as a result of MTA’s activities and taking into account the dynamic nature and the innovations of the Internet. By nature, such changes may involve malfunctions, or may initially cause inconvenience, and so forth. You will not have any claim or demand against MTA for making such changes, or malfunctions that may occur in the course of their execution.


9. Limited Liability:

9.1 MTA shall provide the User with the services as described in the Terms of Use. In any case where MTA will not be able to provide the User with the services of the Website, for any reason whatsoever, including due to an act and/or omission of MTA or in the event that MTA requests to change and/or cancel the services, the User will not be entitled to any compensation and/or indemnity of any kind whatsoever for the aforesaid, and hereby waives fully and irrevocably and shall be prevented and waived from raising any claim and/or suit of any kind and type whatsoever in this regard.


9.2 MTA and/or anyone acting on its behalf shall bear no liability whatsoever for direct or indirect damage and/or loss, including compensation for loss of work and business, loss of profits, damage to reputation, loss and/or other financial damages arising and/or related to the User's ability to benefit from the use of the Website and the adaptation of the services to the User's needs; circumstances that are not under the control of MTA or that the MTA could not foresee; use or reliance on information and content published on the Website, including by third parties; any act and/or omission performed with the information or details provided by the User to third parties; Disruption of functionality and/or availability of the tenders Websites and/or other services arising from malfunctions or failures of the Internet or TV networks and/or overload of traffic in email; damage or loss caused by error, accident, inaccuracy, etc., in the content of the information provided by the User on the Website; Without derogating from the aforesaid, any damage or loss that the MTA was unable to anticipate and/or prevent by reasonable means.


9.3 The User acknowledges that the services and all that is related thereto are provided by MTA in their condition, as they are, and subject to their availability. The User hereby declares and guarantees that he is solely and fully responsible for any use they make of the services or information found on the Website, and is aware that MTA is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any use the User makes of such services or information.


For any questions regarding the Website or these Terms of Use, please contact:

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