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The Innovative Finance Inclusion Lab aims to enable participants to gain hands-on experience in the arena of Impact Entrepreneurship.

The term Impact Entrepreneurship refers to enterprises that are made with the intention to tackle social or environmental problems and to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

Financial inclusion means that people have access and can effectively use appropriate financial services. Sustainable finance refers to the process of taking environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into account when making investment decisions in the financial sector, leading to more long-term investments in sustainable economic activities and projects.

The IFI Lab is a chance to meet professionals from the Israeli ecosystem, learn from the most inspiring academic researchers and collaborate with a team of like-minded innovators from various backgrounds.

In doing so, this program will harness innovation and entrepreneurship to promote financial inclusion and sustainable finance as a tool to tackle a variety of social and environmental challenges.

The application process will take place during the month of February 2022 and will include, in addition to submitting an application form, an interview via Zoom. The program is designed and fully funded for a small group of extraordinary students, please apply only if you can commit to participate in the program as detailed below.

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The Impact Innovative Finance Lab program includes:

  1. During spring semester (March-June 2022), you will learn the relevant concepts, be exposed to examples, and expand your knowledge of innovation and entrepreneurship as part of the Introduction to Innovation and Entrepreneurship course. This course is online and will be taught in English (there are subtitles in Hebrew and in Arabic).

    *If you meet prior requirements the online course may be optional.

  2. Between June 2022 to October 2022, there will be eight physical meetings in Jerusalem, during which you will be exposed to entrepreneurs, lecturers, decision makers and experts from the world of impact, finance, and entrepreneurship.

Virtual meetings will occur on:

April 10
May 29
June 19

Physical meetings will occur on: 
July 21st
July 28th
August 11th
August 25th
September 8th
September 22nd
October 20th

These meetings will enable you to work in groups on developing an impact initiative, which alongside economic gain faces a significant social or environmental challenge, using tools from the world of sustainable and inclusive finance.

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