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Tel Hai College

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Tel-Hai College is a leading, excellent public academic institution in Israel that conducts teaching and research while serving as a growth engine for the Galilee region. With two faculties; the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities and the Faculty of Science and Technologies, the college plays a major role in the development of technology and its application in Agriculture, Biotechnology, Medicine, Education, Society, and Computer Sciences and providing students with an array of academic opportunities. The student's body at Tel-Hai College represents a mosaic of Israeli society, bringing together male and female, Jewish and Arab, traditional and secular Israeli young adults. With a constant annual growth of about 7%, our students body numbers over 3,600 students in full time academic studies. Going beyond its original mandate to provide higher education for Galilee residents, the college's outstanding programs now draw 60% of its students from outside the Galilee. Many of them choose to make the Galilee their home upon graduation. the personal attention that each student receives at Tel-Hai fosters a genuine feeling of togetherness on campus, with the college functioning as a family and community away from home.

Our Department of Economics and Management & The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Department of Economics and Management prepares students for economic and commercial activities in the business and public sector. The curriculum focuses on diverse fields connected to macro-economics, micro-economics, financial management and financing, business management, human resources management, product distribution and consumption, marketing and more.

Studies prepare students for the Israel Securities Authority examinations, providing them with the licensure as investment advisors and portfolio managers. Members of the faculty are active researchers and enthusiastic field people who are found at the forefront of research and achievement.

Students complete their program with all of the required tools to integrate themselves into a wide range of roles in the public and business sectors, in government offices, in leading companies in the economy and in management roles in different bodies.

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Tel-Hai College was founded six years ago with the goal of encouraging students, graduates, and faculty to submit proposals for original and innovative, feasible business initiatives. Initiatives selected receive grants up to 50,000 NIS, as well as accompaniment and support from academic and industry mentors. The Center implements diverse activities, events, and conferences with the goal of fostering an atmosphere of entrepreneurship on campus and active entrepreneurial communities.

During the 2018-2019 academic year, a multidisciplinary program was founded in the field of entrepreneurship, open to students from all departments of the Faculties of Sciences and the Humanities, enabling students to develop initiatives within the framework of their studies and acquire tools from the world of entrepreneurship while receiving academic training.



Institue Contact Person

Tel-Hai College, Upper Galilee, Zip code 1220800, Israel

Professor Eli Gimmon
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