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Sapir Academic College

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 Located in the western Negev, Sapir Academic College is the largest public college in Israel with over 8000 students and hundreds of faculty members studying and teaching in 14 academic departments and schools in undergraduate and graduate tracks, as well as  practical engineering and continuing education programs. 

As Israel largest public college, we operate active affirmative action and scholarship programs that target students with a diverse range of needs and backgrounds.

Our mission is to provide high quality, equitable and accessible higher education in Israel's Southern periphery.

We seek students interested in growing intellectually, becoming entrepreneurs that generate change. Our diverse students include Jews, Bedouins, and immigrants (olim), of which 60% are from the south. Many are the first in their families to attend college. We are very proud of the high numbers of IDF veterans that choose to study at Sapir College. Our higher-education access programs include Preparatory-Academy Programs (Mechina), Gateway to Academy: Higher Education Program for Bedouin Students, Scholarship Programs and our Student Resources & Accessibility Center.

Sapir is a student-centered college, dedicated to small classes with welcoming professors, providing the best in classroom experience. Our faculty has a reputation for excellence, delivering innovative courses, meeting the needs of a rapidly changing world, in a supportive environment.

Sapir College is well known for its centers of excellence, including its superb Law School, its go-to Film and Sound School, its superior School of Communication, and is hands-on School of Social Work. More recently, it has achieved another breakthrough by launching a highly imaginative Project on Entrepreneurship and Innovation that has the potential to redefine its entire campus.

Internationalization is a significant path through which the Sapir mission and vision is further developed, contributing to the empowerment of the Sapir community of faculty and students and to the region in which the college operates. Internationalization enhances the quality of learning and teaching, develops research opportunities, and adds a global, intercultural and international dimension to the curriculum across academic departments. 



Institue Contact Person

Sapir Academic College, D.N. Hof Ashkleon 7915600, Israel

Dr. Amit Marantz Gal -
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