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European Foundation for Management Development

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EFMD is an international network of 954 members from academia, business and public service in 92 countries. EFMD plays a central role in shaping global approach to management education by bringing together academia and business and providing a unique forum for earch and networking on innovation & best practice.

EFMD is a globally recognized accreditation body, certifying quality management education through its accreditation labels for Higher Education institutions (EQUIS), HE programmes (EPAS), online courses (EOCCS), corporate programmes (CLIP), supporting programs for developing QA systems (EDAF) and impact assessment for HE (BSIS).

EFMD’s 50 years’ experience have been utilized for participating or leading more than 35 international projects in the past 20 years. EFMD is the leader of 4 CBHE projects in Latin America and main partner in CBHE projects implemented in Asia and Africa. It also participates in knowledge alliances, as well as H2020 projects.

Since 2013, EFMD has participated in 5 EU projects directly or indirectly related to SSF. More specifically, in the fields of innovation & entrepreneurship, open innovation and academia-industry cooperation for social entrepreneurship (MIRRIS, SLIM, OI-NET, BIC, UDI-A…). In the framework of these projects, among others, EFMD has been in charge of quality assurance and impact evaluation as well as

relevant trainings, has provided the consortium with expert speakers or organised promotional activities.



Institue Contact Person

Rue Gachard 88, box 3, Ixelles 1050, Brussels, Belgium

Dr. Christophe Terrasse -
Ms. Athanasia Panoutsou -
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