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Teaching Notes: Banco Palmas

Monique Munarini, Silvana Zulmira Ferreira
University of Padova

The practice of micro-finance doesn’t limit itself on the Asian continent, Latin America in that regard has a quite active role. While Bangladesh remains the pioneer in the field of microfinance and has the most famous experience, we often forget other countries which had experienced microfinance even before Bangladesh, Brazil is a striking example. Brazil, who is a pioneer in the field, started micro-credit activities even before Bangladesh. From the early 1970s, Latin America, particularly Brazil started adopting micro-credit initiatives as a tool to fight poverty.

The teaching note is for professors and aims at helping them guide the students into explaining the some key microfinance concepts through a dynamic presentation of the Palmas Bank study case, giving them the possibility to learn, understand and act in the right direction in order to raise awareness about sustainable finance and find durable solutions to the tackle poverty

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