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Dr. Inbal Abbou
Kibbutzim College of Education

Call-Yachol is a world's first-of-its-kind company, which specializes in outsourced call-center setup, and which all of its employees are people facing disabilities. The company was established in Israel in February 2008 by Dr. Gil Winsh and Efrat Segev-Winsh. The founders' vision was to revolutionize Israel's disabled employment field. As of 2023, the company employs 230 people at four call centers. Over half the company’s employees and managers are people with disabilities and for many, Call-Yachol is their first place of employment. Other employees come from marginalized populations in Israel such as, Arab women, “youngsters” over 60, ex-convicts, single mothers, and Samaritans.  Despite these challenges, Call-Yachol achieve regular productivity, provide excellent service and most importantly, employees earn industry-standard wages. Call-Yachol is leading a change in how companies perceive the employment of disabled and disadvantaged people.

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