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ARTOLIO – An Artisanal Regional Economic Model

Dr. Yifat Reuveni
Bezalel Academy for Art and Design

This case study offers several questions designed to foster an alternative economic model through integrating sustainability into marketing. By connecting sustainability, public health, and inclusion to define value and by establishing new business models, this approach is aimed at articulating an alternative economic system. This fresh method will help to highlight the unique values of ARTOLIO, an advanced consortium of smallholder artisanal farmers, funded by the European's Union 'ENI CBC Med' Programme, in terms of nutrition and health value; environmental sustainability; finance transparency and thinking to establish its brand position as an attractive alternative to the mass-produced brands. The case study also highlights the need to support regional producers and foster efforts to shift power and capital directly to artisanal farmers’ communities by catalyzing local investment, and by reshaping the economic narrative towards an inclusive one, which might be considered the essence of a sustainable economy.

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