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I am Rebecca Michaelson from the US. I know how it gets sometimes while surfing through the internet and sometimes we need some tools to make our work easy. These are some of the extensions that have helped me greatly.

Screen Recorder Extension allows chrome or edge browser users to capture and record computer screens right in the browser!

Spotify Ad Blocker blocks all the advertisements and helps you listen to your favorite music freely.

Disney Plus Watch Party allows Disney Plus subscribers to watch shows & movies with friends from different locations and chat with each other. Install these Extensions Now!

To Use Spotify Ad Blocker Extension Firstly download the extension from chrome store Add extension to chrome to use this."

Here is the list of finest selections of all upcoming Disney Plus Movies in 2022, so you don’t have to drill down to find a worth-watching.

ad free spotify music keeps us going through the bad or good phases of our lives, isn't that right? However, imagine getting interrupted between your listening spree by irrelevant advertisements!

Rebecca Michaelson

Rebecca Michaelson

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